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If you intend to track the spouse using a device on their person this is not legal as they have not given permission. There have been several landmark cases in the US which demonstrates how complicated tracking laws can be. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. In this case, the employee claimed that it was unlawful for the company to track his work vehicle while he was out of working hours. In this case, the judge deemed it was OK as the company owned the vehicle. The Police tracked a drug dealer and the evidence gained from the tracker was sufficient to prosecute.

However, the convicted drug dealer said it was an infringement of his civil rights.

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Pro Tip: If you are thinking of tracking a cheating spouse, be sure to read our guide to catching a cheating spouse. For a personal tracker, then size and discretion is the primary decider even if it that means a degradation in battery size. For a vehicle, it should be durable, and if you envisage a long period between charges then battery size is going to be the key consideration. Where the device is likely to wander can also be key. You will require a special SIM if the package is going abroad.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. FAQ Answers. Colin , 1 year ago 6 min read. Then we can work out which is best for your unique needs. What is the best tracking device for a car? A perfect example of a good vehicle tracking device is the Rewrire K Nano Magnetic Vehicle Tracker: This is a device that fits in the hand and is very durable. It all depends on the reporting mechanism and the number of updates. So my first question was : how do the tracking devices work, and do they need a SIM?

The answer is they do need a SIM and a subscription to the tracking app. The SIM needs to be valid for the country in which the tracker resides. In this case, you might ask: What is the best tracking device for people? A Micro Tracker Also, you still want all the functionality of a vehicle tracker such as constant tracking but in a discreet package.

Like me, you might also be wondering? Micro trackers have endless possibilities and come in an array of shapes and sizes from very thin ones designed to fit into the wallet: To trackers designed to attach to a person. When docked, Real Time Vehicle Trackers. Also known as a GPS locator or a real time gps tracker, these devices offer real time location tracking from any internet connected computer, smartphone, or tablet. Using the same technology as your cell phone enables the tracker to silently talk to our cloud server that translates GPS coordinates into a map.

There is a nominal monthly fee that pays for the data connection to the server and real time map access. GPS Data Loggers. Loggers will store the locations to onboard memory for later examination. You must retrieve the logger and download the data to your computer to find out where the tracker has been. This is a great solution for if you want to spot check your teen or other people using your vehicle.

Sign in Create An Account. Home GPS Tracking. Unlike most GPS trackers, this one also includes a car code scanner in case of check engine lights or other troubles. The battery will last for up to two week and offers up-to-the minute tracking. The accelerometer inside detects motion and will only power the device on when moving. You can setup geo-fenced areas and receive alerts when your vehicle enters or exits that area.

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Utilizing a very similar GLstyle tracker from the option above, Optimus have created a dedicated app for managing the data the tracker creates. Unlike the one above, this one claims to be able to send alerts for speeding, in addition to geo-fencing, battery status, and panic. They make a magnetic waterproof case for it, which is highly recommended. There are report cards and a coaching program to help train new drivers and identify bad habits. It offers geo-fencing, of course, but also allows you to set up curfew hours that will alert you when the car is being driven at certain off-limits times.

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Speed alerts and geo-fencing are available, as are travel reports and a panic button. The first month of the subscription is free with purchase. You can have these alerts sent to your phone via SMS or to your email account. Real-time tracking is available in different increments depending on which monthly subscrption you choose.

Basic functionality at a relatively low price. As with the others, this tracks the usual suspects of speed, hard acceleration and braking, and has a geofence capability.


All data is viewable on the dashboard-based mobile app or on the website. All data is retained for one year, while some summary data is retained for up to three years accessible by the user. Summary data up to five years old is also available but requires you to contact the company and pay a service fee for retrieval. These have the trade-off of an applicable early termination fee, but if you plan to use them for years, might be good option for you.

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Alerts can be sent via the app, email, or text. Engine trouble codes can be sent via alerts along with speed, hard braking, driving outside of curfew hours, trip distance, idling, and more. Among the unique features is that drives can be color coded by speed ranges.

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It also alerts you when the device is removed from the car and can be shared with multiple users via the app. The tracking interval is about one minute and unlike other options on this list, it does not track when the car is turned off. Data is unlimited. Find more Bouncie Smart Driving Companion information and reviews here. This option competes with the Automatic, Zubie and Bouncie but puts an emphasis on family safety.

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In addition to tracking all the expected tracking and alerts for vehicle location, diagnostics, speed, and curfew, this option adds in a couple of extra touches to differentiate. Furthermore, crash detection is built in, so in the event of a collision, an emergency advisor will attempt to call you. Tracking on this is near-real time, with ten second intervals being common.

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However, it can be a bit glitchy at times and require being unplugged and plugged back into reset it. The first month of service is free, so you have 30 days to test it on your car and in your area to get a feel for how well it responds. Where as the OBD-style models plug into your car, this one can be affixed to the outside with the help of a magnetic waterproof case for discreet tracking. The battery life on this newer version is up to 14 days of tracking the expected parameters: movement and stopping, speeding, entering or leaving zones, and tampering such as the front button being pressed or being powered off.

Naturally, a low battery alert is also available. Out of the box, the tracking refresh rate is set to one minute, but you can contact the company and have this reduced to as little as ten seconds for no additional cost. One year of tracking history is included. Though many of the expected functions are present in this unit, the focus of the CarLock is on anti-theft activities. This includes unusual vibration alerts intended to signal that someone may be using a tool to access your car or that it is being towed.